Sunday, January 3, 2010

Feelingz that r still lasting in my mind..

My heart breaks for which we didn't know.....
The hidden thoughts, the under handed lies, the whispered daggers,
if only, i had known.....
then life would be different, and i'd have loved another..

But instead i fell in love, with my dreamboy, my heaven,
but he became my hellboy, my nightmare n i had 2 hate you for a long time..
I even hated the sound of your name, the smile on your face, the look in your eyes,
and my own soul cried 4 revenge n my spirit told me take it lyte.....

I know you loved me, but you loved her as well..
but in some ways i understand, in others i will be lost forever....

Yet many friends told me no and they even warned me to stay away..
but i was lured in "different" and i gave the stressed completely on god 4 that,
i thank you also for showing what isn't love n how i should avoid letting my guard down,
i understood how love can be a foul four letter word 4 guys like U
Finally, is jst a game n thatz gone...

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