Friday, May 29, 2009

Itz all abt my journey of my love..

Never I will understand,

Why my love, denies my hand.

What pain, what suffering have you endured?

With my help, can you be cured?

My thoughts, my dreams, you re always there,

When will you see how much I care?

Such little time that I have spent with you,

Enough to know my love is true.

The further you drift away from me,

The more I feel I ll never be free.

Perhaps I should just let you go,

Your love maybe, I should not know?

My love and friendship is always here,

And if you should ever shed a tear..

My arms are here to hold you tight,

For I will always be your light.

Somethings in Life never Changed,

Somethings in Life You Don't Find Reasons

Some Moments in life are not forgotten,

Sometimes You lose hope..

When time rolls By You To forget,

What Holds You on..

Some people in life are a part of You,

and when You Let Them Go,

You Never Lose Them..

Because ..

You Find Them Living in You .. =)