Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hidden pains in heart

When u r in pain,
when u r heart is broken
when u r tongue stop talking,

When u needs to cry
but u r eyes is dry..
that's nothing but "pain"

When u prefer to die
when u r heart needs d blood supply

then u r eyes get closed cuz u feel fright..
feelings of pain tht has no soul n makes u d "hectic pain"

When u write to express,
when u r hurt progresses,
when u see the more less,

that makes d feeling of "stressed pain"

When u r love goes away,
when u feel that there is no way,

that's d "irritable pain"

"Pains r many but hurts r coz v r far 4m each other"


Mahesh said...

Hi Ramya,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I have gone thru ur blog. Its touching, YES its touching deep at the heart.

Trust the Love. Love will make u win in life the one u dreamt of.

'کoℓέ oƒ мy ℓ♥vέ' iک мy вєکi∂έ Мέ.. said...

oh....thank u for ur comment...
even ur blog is gd n interesting n d hidden pain is been seen...
any ways thank u 4 visiting my blog...i am new to ths area of blogs...hope u correct me my frd if at al i am going sum were wrong....